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At Community Builders, we value the power of collaboration and mutual growth. Working with us as a trade partner means being part of a community committed to excellence and innovation. Our approach to these roles is built on trust, transparency, and shared success. Our word is our bond, and fair is fair. We design trade partner teams to set the project up for success from the outset such that no one trade can derail the entire project. We manage the process in a firm, fair, and consistent manner so that our trade partners’ projected margin is achieved. And we hold ourselves to the same standards and expectations as our trade partners on every project.

We Prioritize:

Strong Partnerships: We see our trade partners as integral team members, which is essential to achieving our vision of uplifting communities through quality construction.

Growth Opportunities: We invest in our projects with an eye toward the future, offering our trade partners opportunities for growth and development alongside us.

Standards: We clearly communicate and uphold high standards for all involved, ourselves most especially. We reward when the standards are exceeded and quickly correct when things fall short so the project is not derailed.

Our Ideal Trade Partner

Community Builders values and rewards those who uphold the spirit, intent, and words of a handshake deal memorialized as a contract for record. We value and reward with loyalty those who understand, live, and exemplify “fair is fair” and “a deal is a deal.” We value those who build goodwill in return for goodwill versus appeasement, taking advantage, and emboldening aggressive demands. We as construction managers do not treat our trade partner relationships as gamesmanship for additional dollars during or at completion of projects and expect the same in kind. In turn, trade partners can anticipate a smoother construction process than most and a higher probability of earning the expected margin. We build that which endures and can only do so by partnering with trades who are aligned with the same goals and values as ourselves and our clients.

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