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Community Builders is anchored in a legacy that spans the past and future, dedicated to creating structures and relationships that withstand the test of time. Our core values of forthrightness, authenticity, momentum and efficiency, conviction, and excellence direct our approach in every interaction with clients, partners, and teammates. Driven to serve and enrich our community, every project we undertake is a step towards building a stronger, more connected Morris County and Northern New Jersey.

Built with Integrity, 
Anchored in Community

We build enduring communities; the physical structures and the relationships created through the process. In doing so, we lay the foundation for a future where every project enriches, strengthens, and carries forward a legacy which embodies our core values.

Local Commitment

We are in the community as part of our daily lives, be that as professionals, volunteers, or with our families – for us, being an active part of the community is Sunday through Saturday, not just Monday through Friday. Why is that important? Because the work we do here at Community Builders is personal. There is an inherently deeper level of commitment to upholding our standard and delivering excellence in building!

Our Services

critical path schedule development

permitting management

logistics & phase planning

target value design budgeting & value engineering

cash flow projections

quality assurance & quality control

design development & coordination

constructibility Reviews & Coordination

trade partner qualifying, negotiations & contract administration

routine & preventative maintenance & repair management

multi-year budgeting & forecasting

routine executive reporting

utilities & energy management

negotiation & administration of service contracts

24/7 emergency management

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