Our Construction Management services are designed to bring your project from concept to completion with reliability, accuracy, and a focus on exemplary deliverables as it relates to schedule, budget, quality, logistics, and safety. We understand the significance of each project for our clients and work tirelessly to ensure that every aspect of the construction process aligns with their vision. Our ultimate goal is the peace of mind and success of our client, and if we earn it, the opportunity to build another project together with the ownership and design team.

Choose Community Builders as a construction partner who aligns and values each project as if it were their own!


Critical Path Schedule Development

Optimize project timelines with strategic scheduling to ensure solutions and timely completion.

Permitting Management

Streamline the permitting process to ensure compliance and avoid delays.

Logistics & Phase Planning

Efficiently coordinate and manage complex project logistics and phases to minimize and eliminate costly interruptions to client operations.

Target Value Design Budgeting & Value Engineering

Achieve your vision within budget through innovative design and cost-saving strategies.

Cash Flow Projections

Accurately forecast cash flow to maintain financial health throughout the project.

Quality Assurance & 
Quality Control

Guarantee the highest standards with our comprehensive QA/QC program.

Design Development 
& Coordination

Seamlessly integrate all phases of design to achieve intent, budget, and schedule.

Constructability Reviews & Coordination

Ensure project feasibility and efficiency with thorough design assessments.

Trade Partner Qualifying, Negotiations & Contract Administration

Select and manage the optimal trade partnerships to most effectively satisfy the project’s unique characteristics and its objectives.

Buyout & Budget Management

Strategically purchase the various aspects of the project to minimize cost and maximize value in a fully transparent and forthright manner. Weekly and monthly comprehensive budget reviews with the ownership team.

Cost Control & Forecasting

Monitor and predict costs to inform proactive decision making.

Safety Planning & Assurance

Prioritize safety by setting a zero harm and zero tolerance mentality amongst all project teammates.

Our Ideal Client

We view embarking on a professional partnership for a critical construction project as akin to a marriage; amidst numerous options, compatibility is key. Do visions, missions, work ethos, approach, and personality mesh? We believe in the value of transparent communication and expectation setting. And so, who are we looking to work for? What are we like ourselves? Our core values and the testimonials we provide embody the latter. For the former, we thrive when working for those who prioritize quality work, timeliness of decision making, high ethical standards, and a commitment to maintaining decorum amidst our industry’s often extreme demands. You can count on us to embody these values, and we aspire to cater to clients who share the same ethos.

Proud to Serve
Our Clients