At Community Builders, our craftsmanship extends beyond the initial build. We’re committed to the ongoing care and preservation of places and spaces that matter, ensuring they remain pillars of activity and connection. Our Facility Management services blend proactive strategies with responsive repairs to keep facilities operational and thriving. We understand that our clients’ facilities are the heartbeat of their operation so our goal is to manage their health in a disciplined and predictable manner.

With us, your facilities are not just managed; they’re cherished, ensuring they foster community bonds and activities for years to come!


Routine & Preventative Maintenance & Repair Management

Keep your facility in top condition with our expertly managed routine maintenance and rapid repair response.

Multi-Year Budgeting & Forecasting

Our precise, long-term budgeting and forecasting services confidently help you plan for the future.

Routine Executive Reporting

Stay informed with detailed monthly reports that track the health and efficiency of your facilities.

Utilities & Energy Management

Optimize energy usage and reduce costs with our comprehensive utilities and energy management solutions.

Negotiation & Administration of Service Contracts

Benefit from our vendor and trade partner relationships as we negotiate and manage service contracts to the highest quality and value.

24/7 Emergency Management

Rest easy knowing our team is on call 24/7 to swiftly handle any emergency repairs or issues.

Our Ideal Client

We view embarking on a professional partnership for a critical construction project as akin to a marriage; amidst numerous options, compatibility is key. Do visions, missions, work ethos, approach, and personality mesh? We believe in the value of transparent communication and expectation setting. And so, who are we looking to work for? What are we like ourselves? Our core values and the testimonials we provide embody the latter. For the former, we thrive when working for those who prioritize quality work, timeliness of decision making, high ethical standards, and a commitment to maintaining decorum amidst our industry’s often extreme demands. You can count on us to embody these values, and we aspire to cater to clients who share the same ethos.